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Visit Fairfax Marble in Northern Virginia; Fairfax, Chantilly, Sterling or Maryland granite countertop fabrication locations Contact us at info@fairfaxmarble.com if you are interested in one of our natural stone products for your kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanity tops, tub surrounds, fireplace surrounds, or bar tops.


Granite Countertops are the most durable option for kitchen and bathrooms countertops. The reason why granite is the number one choice is because of its durability; granite is both scratch and heat resistant stone. It is one of the oldest and strongest stones in existence. It is important to note that granite has a porous surface and that the main mineral in granite is quartz; which is what makes granite durable. It is a popular choice not only because of its strength but because it offers an infinite number of color and design options. While some may prefer a more consistent pattern to their stone, others might want more movement and character. In summary granite is generally preferred for its strength, character and elegance. Granite is the best option to be used for a kitchen countertop. We offer wide variety of granite countertop color and pattern options in VA and MD. Visit our web site if you are looking for granite countertops in VA


Soapstone Countertops have gained popularity among homeowners in recent years. Soapstone is a very dense, strong stone much like granite, but exhibits veining similar to that of marble.Click here if you would like to see different soapstone options for your kitchen in Northern VA or in MD


Marble Countertops that have long been prevalent in bathrooms are now gaining popularity in kitchens. Marble is an elegant stone that can truly make your kitchen one of a kind. Once thought to be expensive, that is not the case anymore. Marble has beautiful veining in it, which is what sets it apart from other stones. Marble is formed from limestone, making it a softer material. Marble countertops in a kitchen make a statement on their own. Click here if you would like to read more about marble countertops in VA, and marble countertops in MD.


Quartzite Countertops are becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Quartzite is formed from sandstone and quartz. It is actually stronger than granite. Color options are mostly in white and gray tones, and the stone has a similar look to marble. Quartzite Countertops provide a timeless elegance in any setting. We have the best quartzite countertop options for our customers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

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We are a licensed contractor in Maryland as well as Virginia. We service most of Maryland for your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, bath-tub surrounds, shower walls and more. Visit us if you are looking for Granite Countertops in MD