Engineered Stones (Quartz)


Compared to other natural stones, man-made stones or engineered stones are becoming increasingly popular in households. These stones are also known as Green Products. Quartz is the most common stone that is found in the form of mineral in the earth's s surface. It is present in every different geographical environment, and in different types of colors and other variants.

Quartz is an easy answer for those people who love the look of natural stones like granite but are still concerned about other drawbacks. Because quartz is an engineered stone it is almost uniform in the department of colors, textures, and patterns.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process uses the raw form of Quartz crystals ranging from the size of coarse grains to rock salt. After grounding and selecting the Quartz, its crystals are then combined with bonding agents and color. At the end, the matter is heated to form an impenetrable surface. This manufacturing process is done under a controlled environment and because of this, it ensures the maintenance of quality that might not be possible and available for natural countertops.


Because they are man-made and engineered, these stones are the most durable.Man-made stones can be fabricated in large sheets, and require no maintenance because they are non-porous. Their impervious surface provides them with the resistance against bacteria and stains.


Engineered stone products can easily be used for vanities, backsplashes, wet bars, tub/shower surrounds, and many other surfaces around your home.

Color and Appearance

The appearance of Quartz can vary based on the size and mix of the granules used when manufacturing. Quartz surface can be available in many colors that are do not exist in natural stones. So you should take advantage of this trait and select any unique color for your desired product. Another interesting fact of engineered stones is that some manufacturers can give them the form and appearance of other natural stones like marble, travertine, and concrete etc.

The seams in the case of engineered stones are visible but are less noticeable than a granite seam; where the seam can or may show changes in pattern and shade.

Integrated sinks, as with solid surfaces, are also available in Quartz countertops. There are different products offered by Quartz manufacturers depending on the variety of colors and finishes, such as;

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