Silestone Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is natural quartz?

      Quartz is most abundant mineral and is also one of the hardest found in nature. Sapphire, diamond, and topaz are only mineral harder than quartz. Silestone is highly scratch-resistant and the quartz is extremely hard.
    • What is Silestone?

      Silestone is beautiful quartz stone which is naturally found. Silestone is the one of the most naturally leading quartz surface. It is most suitable for interior designing applications due to its best nature of beauty. Silestone has more than 65 versatile colors, so whatever your style is, you will find the perfect match.
    • What are the advantages of Silestone?

      Silestone is a non-porous and dense mineral that has reliability, scratch-resistance and stain-resistant with large variety of beautiful colors.
    • Why choose Silestone?

      Silestone is the wise choice for home designing because it is extremely durability and has unique look. The team in making of Silestone's has 70 years of experience in the stone industry, and has a distribution network in North America.
    • How does Silestone compare to other natural stones, like granite?

      Silestone has more variety of color than granite or any other mineral, so it is easy to pick colors. Moreover, Silestone is requires low maintenance - it doesn't require to be sealed by anything and less cleaning is required due to its hard nature.
    • How does Silestone compare to solid surfaces, like Corian?

      The Silestone is 100% natural quartz. It provides Silestone strength and beauty. Solid surfaces are made of plastic polymers which does not have reflectivity of natural material, and are not hard like quartz. So, they get a lot of scratches.
    • How does Silestone compare to other natural quartz surfaces?

      Silestone is worldwide available, a lot of variety of color, 15 years� experience in natural quartz installation and more than 70 years of experience in the stone industry.
    • Can I use Silestone in my kitchen?

      Yes. Silestone is best for its application in kitchen countertops, backsplashes, island tops and more. It is also ideal for home and office flooring. Custom cut tiles are also available. Silestone adds beauty to bathroom.
    • Can I use Silestone in my bathroom?

      Yes. Add beauty and practicality to any bathroom with Silestone vanities, backsplashes, shower walls and tub surrounds.
    • Can I use Silestone for flooring?

      Yes. Silestone makes striking flooring throughout the home or office. You may pick from standard-size tiles or have Silestone custom-cut to fit your style.
    • How Silestone is a safe and clean product?

        Silestone is a scratch-resistance and stain-resistant so thatâ��s why it is a safe and clean material. It is also non-porous so liquids do not penetrate in slab.
    • What is radon? What makes Silestone safe for my home?

        Radon is a, radioactive, odorless and colorless gas that is found in the air. Radon gas is also produced by materials present in rocks underneath the earth. When these materials break radon is produced. If this gas is inhaled than it can make cancer in lungs.
    • Does Silestone include a warranty?

        Silestone has 15-Year Limited Warranty. Its warranty includes structural and manufacturing defects.
    • Where can I get Silestone products from?

      Fairfax Marble and Granite is a authorized quartz fabricator for all the major quartz brands such as Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, Zodiaq. Fairfax Marble also fabricates and installs natural stone countertops such as marble, soapstone, travertine, onyx, and more. What is more, you can even get your kitchen sinks, bathroom vanity sink, or bar siks from Fairfax Marble. Fairfax Marble 3 conveniently located slab yards in the Northern Virginia area. Visit Fairfax Marble whether you are a trade professional, or a home owner.
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