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Caesarstone Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Caesarstone Countertops Caesarstone is a rare, high end natural quartz surface with innumerable benefits to any property owner. CaesarStone is an extremely tough, hard, and durable quartz that is used to make unique, breathtaking countertops. CaesarStone is also a very hygienic surface material, making it perfect for kitchen usage. CaesarStone is a quartz composite made largely of natural quartz, but engineered to be healthy, stronger and more durable. CaesarStone, as a quartz composite, has been enhanced so that it has taken one of nature’s strongest materials, quartz, and made it even stronger. CaesarStone is even tougher than marble, soapstone, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx, and even steel! CaesarStone has many unique benefits: A 10 year warranty Easy to clean Low maintenance No sealing required Scratch and dent resistant Stain resistant Durable aintains high quality over time Heat resistant Hygienic Many colors and designs CaesarStone’s unique composite make-up and its unheralded beauty make for many uses throughout the home or any building: Batch, kitchen and utility countertops Vanities and shelving Banisters and stairs Furniture Decorative art Trim work CaesarStone has the natural beauty of quartz, as it is made of over 90% quartz, but the toughness and durability that only modern technology can provide. With multiple uses, durability, ease of care and unsurpassed beauty, CaesarStone is perfect for any home or building, for most any purpose and most any budget. Whether you are looking for a natural stone or quartz, visit Fairfax Marble at one of the following northern Virginia locations to choose your own slabs; Sterling VA, Chantilly VA, and Fairfax VA