Travertines are chemical sedimentary rocks of calcium carbonate composition. They occur as a result of the fact that calcium carbonate in the groundwater subsides under certain conditions. This deposition forms travertines with soft lines over time.

Travertine Countertops

Visually, travertine has always been thought of as a delicate, soft stone. It is because of this, that it gives off a very soothing, relaxed feel. This feeling of peacefulness and tranquility is why travertine processes a simplistic beauty. It breathes spaciousness into any space, and is a stone that can be casual and yet formal at the same time. The aged look of a tumbled travertine, adds warmth to any home. Even if the surface has been honed or polished, it is not still inviting and does not give a sense of being too formal. Part of the serene quality of this natural stone can be derived from its earth tones. They give it warmth, keeping it in tune with nature.

Travertine is highly preferred in flooring because it is not slippery.

Travertine will never appear as one solid color due to the veins or bands that run through it. Within those veins are varying earth tone colors. Some color options with Travertine include, but are not limited to soft ivories, pale creams, rich golden honey shades, silvery greens and rich mocha browns. It is safe to say that no two stones look alike.

Travertine countertops come in various shades.

The uses for Travertine can vary as much as the colors can vary. The reason for this, is that it comes in a multitude of sizes, ranging from full slabs to large  tiles, to small mosaics. Because of this, it can be used for backsplashes, floors, fireplace surrounds sinks, statuary, tub surrounds mosaics, vanities and even end tables. It is important to note, that it can be used for countertops, but it is not something that is highly recommended. Due to the fact that Travertine is a soft stone, it can easily scratch and etch. Thus, a good reason why it is better suited for smaller spaces. Travertine has a way of opening up spaces and giving them a light airy feeling.

Travertine can also be fabricated with the same finishes as other stones, but not the high glossy finish that granite can possess. There are varying types of travertine, and only the hardest of those can be polished. The honed finish by far is the most popular amongst clients. This matte or dull finish, is in no way reflective or shiny. Another popular finish is a tumbled finish. It s a process in which the stone is made to appear weathered or aged. When selecting Travertine, you should discuss with your fabricator, where you want to use it, as well as what finishes they provide. Travertine has a simplistic beauty that holds its own. Whether it is used in combination with other stones, or by itself, it makes a statement. It is a timeless stone that will bring endless beauty to any design and any space. Be creative by showcasing this magnificent stone, but use common sense based on its limitations.

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While onyx is extremely precious and unique, it is really best utilized when suited to a purpose that best extends its life and beauty. Decorations such as vases, trim and other purposes highlight the exotic beauty of the decor as well, so if you do choose onyx, keeping certain onyx decorations in mind will further highlight your choice.