Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone. Quartzite is a compact, hard, non-foliated, medium to coarsely crystalline, and almost mono-mineral metamorphic rock with a granoblastic texture.

Quartz stone, or quartz crystal, is one of the hardest minerals in nature. Quartz stone, which is one of the most abundant and widespread precious stones on the Earth’s surface, is resistant to both mechanical and chemical abrasion. The richest deposits of quartz, the most valuable among the quartz stones mined most in Brazil and Madagascar, are located in Brazil.

Quartz is also very often preferred as a kitchen countertop and bathroom countertop. A minimum of 93% of quartz worktops are made suitable for use by compressing quartz with a small amount of polyester resin binder or white cement binder pigments.

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is created when sandstone and quartz undergoes extreme heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate movement in the earth’s crust; that is why quartzite is such a hard stone, like granite; however, quartzite is still susceptible for scratching and etching. Many people confuse Quartz countertops with Quartzite, however, they are two very different stones. Quartzite is completely natural whereas Quartz is a manufactured stone. No two quartzite slabs will ever look identical, the same can not be said for man-made Quartz.

Natural Quartzite is usually white or grey with hints of brown or black. Sometimes pink, red, and other color hues can be present on quartzite due to iron oxide found in the stone. Quartzite, being formed from sandstone and quartz, will usually fall into the category of being less busy. Some of the more well-known quartzite names include White Macaubus, Mother of Pearl, Taj Mahal, Sea Pearl, and Fantasy Brown. Although in some cases quartzite can have the tendency to etch the same way as marble does. Quartzite is a great option for someone who is looking for a marble-like look with the durability of granite. Although in some cases quartzite can have the tendency to etch the same way as marble does.

There are uses for Quartz, such as kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops and more..

Not all Quartzite are the same, some are more durable and harder than others. Some are prone to etching and scratching whereas others are not. For example, Da Vinci will not get etched, however, Super White can get etched or scratched fairly easily. You may find some articles online that will write Quartzite is an extremely durable stone that is prone to any scratching or etching. Those articles are written from a scientific standpoint. From an industry standpoint, once polished, cut, and installed in your home for everyday use as a countertop, certain variations of quartzite will have the tendency to scratch and/or etch. The best way to determine how quartzite will keep up for your countertop is to take a sample of the stone to test with different liquids in order to see how the stone will react. Etching is a common issue with quartzite, it’s always best to know the characteristics about the stone you are purchasing. Don’t let the fact that the stone might etch deter you if you love the piece. Going with a honed (matte) finish as opposed to a polished finish will not show nearly as much etching or marks.

Our stones are priced based on alphabetical price point groups. Granite begins from the group “A” and goes to group “F”, “EX” for exotic stones, and “RE” for rare exotic stones. Level “A” is the lowest price point and increases as you go. Quartzite begins at level “F” and increases from there. Quartzite will generally cost more than granite as granite prices can vary greatly.

Whether you choose quartzite for its durability or alluring look, please be sure to stop by one of our Virginia locations in Chantilly, Merrifield, or Sterling where we will be happy to explore all the quartzite options we have. Quartzite is an incredibly rare and exotic stone, so if you see the one you absolutely want, make sure to take advantage and reserve it today!

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