Marble bathroom is always in fashion

Marble bathroom is always in fashion

Marble bathroom is always in fashion! Marble is the obsolescent material of bathroom designs from the past to the present, and it is fashionable this year as it is every year. In particular, white marble is a great material for bathrooms (modern marble bathroom). Marble, which is water resistant due to its natural structure, adds a luxurious and elegant feeling to every area it touches.

Marble has been a material used in the construction and building industries for thousands of years. First, the Romans and then the Ottomans began to use marble in their baths to retain heat. Marble bathroom is always in fashion!

Marbles continue to be used frequently in bathrooms, showers and sinks today both in order to retain heat and to achieve magnificent and elegant designs. So why has the use of marble bathroom design been preferred for many years?

Especially since white marble makes the area where it is used more spacious and spacious, the use of marble has become indispensable in bathroom designs.

We are witnessing that the use of such shades of marble as white, light gray, beige, which make the bathroom look magnificent, has come from the past to the present day in bathrooms. Marble bathroom is always in fashion!

Marble can be used in a modern, classic, modern or traditional way depending on the environment, color and pattern in which it is used. The most beautiful example of the use of marble in the traditional style are the baths. Marble bathroom is always in fashion! If you want to create a “bath atmosphere” in your homes, you can choose Marmara marble with stripes from the walls to the floor.

You can design your bathroom in a unique way and reflect your own style in your bathroom with marbles that are different from each other and special with the shape, colors, structure of their veins.

Marble bathroom is always in fashion! Although the use of marble in the bathroom is thought to evoke antiquity and classicism, it also symbolizes modernity with a changing and developing understanding of decoration today.

Whether you prefer classic decoration to keep the bathhouse spirit alive in your home, or you want to imagine a more modern bathroom with minimal lines; marble offers preferences that match your every design dream!

Marble bathroom is always in fashion
Marble bathroom is always in fashion – Luxury marble bathroom

What should be considered when using marble in the bathroom

What should be considered when using marble in the bathroom? What are the pros? Marble bathroom is always in fashion!

  • Durability: Since marble is a moisture and water resistant material, it can be used for many years if careful handling and regular maintenance are provided.
  • Easy cleaning: “Where is the most difficult place to clean in homes?” Of course bathrooms! But this is not the case with marble bathrooms. Marble, which is an easy-to-clean material, is the most advantageous material in terms of ease of use. Because it is easy to clean, it is often preferred to use marbles in the shower section in designs.
  • Feeling privileged and special: Bathrooms made of marble, each of which is unique with its craftsmanship and unique appearance, make you feel privileged and special every day.
  • Use in combination with other materials: Accessories used in combination with marble can create a flawless and unique bathroom appearance by providing integrity.

What should be considered when using marble in the bathroom? What are the cons? Marble bathroom is always in fashion!

  • Cost: It is a high-priced material, as removing and processing marble from underground is a demanding process that requires professionalism. Among the building, it is included in the category of luxury.
  • However, the fact that it has been available for many years pleases the end user when it is calculated in terms of price – performance.

What Colors Are Used in the Marble Bathroom and Where Are They Used?

For a clean image, it is recommended by designers to use white marble in large sections in enclosed spaces such as bathrooms. The white marble used at the base will create a more spacious and spacious look, especially in small bathrooms. You can get a simple and stylish look by choosing white marble in the floor covering.

You have a small bathroom, but if you want to use black marble, white marble, black marble base and large your bathroom is to opt for a sink while also create contrast black and white colors, creating a visual feast.

Marble bathroom is always in fashion
Marble bathroom is always in fashion – White marble bathroom ideas

The Use of Marble in the Shower

Marble, which can retain heat, is a material that is often used to keep the heat inside, especially in winter. In addition to this feature, it is often preferred in the shower with its features such as less water stains compared to other materials, easy cleaning, moisture and water resistance. You can also cover your bathroom walls, floors and shower area with marble and create a warm atmosphere in your magnificent bathroom.

What should be considered when using marble in the bathroom? Bathrooms are humid and wet environments for their intended use, but marble is not affected much by this because it is a water and moisture resistant material. However, cleaning with chemical cleaners damages the marble, causing it to wear easily and look old.

What should be considered when using marble in the bathroom? (Marble for bathroom floor) For this reason, cleaning the marble in your bathroom with warm water and soap will allow you to use your marble as a new one for a longer time. If this is not enough for you, it will also be enough for you to clean your bathroom with cleaners specially produced for marble surfaces with natural ingredients.

Getting help from companies that regularly perform marble cleaning applications will also make the marbles in your bathroom look cleaner, brighter, and new.


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