The use of marble in the hotel

The use of marble in the hotel

How should the use of marble in the hotel be? The Importance of Space Design in the Hotel! In the old days, people used caravanserais to stay where they traveled. Nowadays, they could choose different hotels where they would travel. In recent years, you have been witnessing that hotel designs have become different and become even more luxurious.

This is due to the fact that the number of hotels is increasing and, accordingly, hotels are turning to designs that will distinguish themselves from competitors and ensure that they are preferred.

The design of hotels is very important for both residents and employees. Bright, spacious and luxurious hotel designs will make incoming guests feel comfortable and privileged. In addition, employees will also establish stronger ties with the institution and will be more friendly and solution-oriented in their communication with guests.

How should the use of marble in the hotel be? Let’s examine our article together for the details of the hotel interior design, which is effective many points, from establishing the right communication between guests and employees to choosing the hotel.

The use of marble in the hotel
The use of marble in the hotel

The Importance of Lobby Design

How should the use of marble in the hotel be? From an architectural point of view, the lobby is the area that most affects the guest. Because when the guest steps into the hotel, he first sees the lobby and his first impression of the hotel is formed. That is why the maximum attention should be paid to the design of the lobby in order to have a positive effect on the guests.

You can create a bright and spacious atmosphere by using large windows in the lobby design; you can create a color contrast by using light floor and wall covering with dark furniture. Places designed in this way will make guests feel better and create a pleasant atmosphere.

For lobbies that look bright and spacious, it is recommended to use white marble by designers. In addition, since marble is a material that is easy to clean, it will also reduce the burden of cleaning and maintenance in hotel lobbies where there are many people during the day.

The use of marble in the hotel
The use of marble in the hotel

Hotel interior design

We have ideas about hotel interior design. How should the use of marble in the hotel be? Nowadays, the design identity of hotels has become one of the important elements in terms of being able to make a difference in the sector. A good architectural design, implemented in hotel projects, also shapes the success of the enterprise.

Architectural designs that reflect the spirit of buildings ensure that they are creative, functional, comfortable and memorable. Being remembered will make the hotel preferable again. Since the use of minimal designs in houses has become widespread, people expect to see this minimal approach in the areas where they will stay.

We have ideas about hotel interior design. To create a minimal design, you can use white marble on the floor and walls to make the space look large, and you can create a color contrast with the selected furniture and support this image. This design approach can be used not only in the lobby, but also in all areas of the hotel.

By creating a comfortable and modern perception of space with the materials you will prefer in the corridors, public areas, rooms and bathrooms, you can always be the hotel that guests will choose first. We have ideas about hotel interior design.

The use of marble in the hotel
The use of marble in the hotel

Materials That Can Be Used in Hotel Interior Design

Marbles, which are easy to clean, look spacious and elegant, are the first choice of designers. You will want to create an enormous image that will integrate with the interior design and the vision of the hotel.

Which Color Marble Should Be Used? One of the most important features that people are looking for in their accommodation is a clean and spacious appearance. If it is desirable to create a more sophisticated perception of space, you can use marble options with white and black veins.

The use of marble in the hotel
The use of marble in the hotel

In Which Areas Can Marble Be Used at the Hotel?

  • Lobby: As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the interior design of the lobbies, which is the area where guests first see and often spend time at the hotel, is very important. Therefore, you can make the space more magnificent by using marble in the lobby.
  • Corridors: Hotels can choose elegant looks on the wall or floor covering in their corridors with an innovative approach.
  • Stairs: Marble material can be easily preferred on the hotel stairs, stair railings or walls.
  • Rooms: The design of the rooms, which is the place where guests spend the most time at the hotel, is very important. That is why it is necessary to design a place that will appeal to the taste of many people.
  • Public Toilets and In-Room Bathrooms: Toilets are the most important areas for cleaning. Therefore, you should take advantage of the options that can be cleaned quickly and effectively in the toilets.
  • Restaurant: Restaurants are the fastest polluted area in the hotel. It will not be correct to use materials that are difficult to clean, such as parquet or carpet on the floor of restaurants, which will create a dirty appearance in a short time. Therefore, it is a better choice to use marble material in these areas that will look clean and offer a spacious environment to guests while eating. It is a better choice to use marble material that will look clean and offer a spacious environment when eating.
  • Pool and Spa: Marble, which is very resistant to water, is the first choice of hotels for areas such as pool and spa. The marble material used will positively change the atmosphere of the place, as well as its durability.
  • Marble Coating on the Exterior: Marble is a material that can be easily used on the exterior as well as indoors and allows you to design impressive structures. Architectural design is one of the most basic elements that reveal the spirit of the place, so the creative and unusual use of the selected material in the interior as well as the facade will add identity to your hotel and contribute to the catchiness of the place.
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